Our Mission

Longevity List’s mission is to connect passionate people with companies working on one of humanity’s most important problems: Biological aging.

  • Want to make a difference by working at a longevity startup? We feature the largest longevity jobs listing board (that we know of).
  • Are you a longevity startup founder looking for funding? We feature a list of angel investors and venture capital firms that are actively funding longevity companies.
  • Are you an investor looking to invest in promising startups building the most revolutionary technology? We feature a database of longevity startups and companies.

Longevity List Team

Twitter: @realNathanCheng

Nathan Cheng is a Toronto-based longevity evangelist and founder of Longevity List, Longevity Marketcap, and Biohack Stack.

He is also the author of the Longevity Marketcap Investing Newsletter.

He is a former Quantum Optics Ph.D candidate, dropping out after an existential crisis that eventually led him to discovering the longevity and radical life extension movement.


Have questions or comments? Contact me: nathan@longevitylist.com