Our Mission

Longevity List’s mission is to connect passionate people with companies working on one of humanity’s most important problems: Biological aging.

  • Want to make a difference by working at a longevity startup? We feature the largest longevity jobs listing board (that we know of).
  • Are you a longevity startup founder looking for funding? We feature a list of angel investors and venture capital firms that are actively funding longevity companies.
  • Are you an investor looking to invest in promising startups building the most revolutionary technology? We feature a database of longevity startups and companies.

Longevity List Team

Twitter: @realNathanCheng

Nathan Cheng is a Toronto-based longevity investor, evangelist, and founder of Longevity List, Longevity Marketcap, and Program Director of the On Deck Longevity Biotech Fellowship (ODLB).

He is also the author of the Longevity Marketcap Investing Newsletter.

He is a former Quantum Optics Ph.D candidate, dropping out after an existential crisis that eventually led him to discovering the longevity and radical life extension movement.


Have questions or comments? Contact me: nathan@longevitylist.com