Michael Greve announces 300M EUR commitment to fund longevity biotech companies

Michael Greve is the founder of Kizoo Technology Capital, one of the most active venture capital firms in the longevity biotech space. Yesterday, Greve announced an additional 300M EUR commitment to fund rejuvenation biotechnology startups through Kizoo.

This is BIG news.

To put the number into context a typical biotech startup seed investment is roughly $5M – $10M. This means Kizoo can seed ~50 new longevity startups. The are only 110 longevity companies listed on longevitylist.com currently.

This new funding is just the beginning. A large commitment like this smashes through activation energy barriers for investment and will attract even more money from co-investors. We are now entering a golden age for investment and startups in longevity biotechnology.

Kizoo Press Release Below:

Kizoo commits €300 million to advance rejuvenation startups

5/5/2021 Berlin, Germany – Michael Greve, founder of the Forever Healthy Foundation and owner of Kizoo Technology Ventures, announced today that he will make available an additional €300 million to be invested in rejuvenation biotech.

The funds, to be deployed via Kizoo, will be used to create and support more startups in the rejuvenation space. They will also allow Kizoo to maintain a strong commitment to its key startups during follow-up rounds and to advance the therapies from clinical development to public availability.

With this €300 million commitment, Michael Greve and Kizoo double down on their mission to accelerate the advent of rejuvenation biotechnology by doing lighthouse investments in entirely new, repair-based approaches that treat the root causes of aging and thus overcome age-related diseases. Through the creation of successful companies, they seek to inspire scientists, investors, and the general public by demonstrating that human rejuvenation is not science fiction anymore and that the resulting therapies are affordable and uncomplicated.

Technologies pioneered by Kizoo’s startups include removal of arterial plaque, decalcification of aged tissue, breaking of protein-glucose cross-links, and delivery of new mitochondria to aged cells – all aiming to prevent and repair common age-related conditions such as myocardial infarction, stroke, high blood pressure, tissue stiffening, skin aging, and loss of muscle function.

“I am really grateful that we can use the funds we have created with our highly successful technology ventures to contribute to the quest to get aging under full medical control and to make age-related diseases a thing of the past. For me, it is a worthy cause that is exciting in a technological, commercial, and above all, a humanitarian way” says Michael Greve.

He expects that the new funds, in combination with the strong, multi-round commitment of Kizoo to its key startups, should trigger co-investments of up to 3-4 times the initial amount, resulting in a significant acceleration of the development and public availability of the therapies.


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